Design Concept


The space design is in perfect sync with the habits of people living in the house. In the original 3-D space, “time” is the necessary catalyst to breathe rich energy into the space. From stepping into the living room (open space) of the Feng Residence, to the dining room (semi-open space), then finally to the bedrooms (private space), the three-hall design defines different functions for each space, displaying a layered space. The simple yet magnificent design in the living room leaves ample space for entertaining guests while the dining room, defined by the TV wall, is where family members interact and bond. The extended dining table is a multipurpose piece that can serve as a dining table, desk, or a table for leisure activities. When entering the private space, the entrance serves as the transition to create layers in space visually between virtual and real spaces. As for the choice of decorations, thanks to the designer, many old objects collected by the house owner are given new lives, while the element of “time passing” is added to the space. The antique wood cabinet is transformed into a beautiful vista in the corner of the living room with greenery growing from the antique vases bought during journeys. When sitting at the dining table, the family will see strings of crystal lights handpicked by other family members. This not only records traces in lives for people living in the house, but also adds an irreplaceable warm touch to the space.